College convocation essay: you can do it!

Graduation is one of the most exciting things in life. It not only marks the end of one stage of life and its transition into another but also gives us an opportunity to evaluate our achievements and mistakes. Not surprisingly, many people use this experience to write papers that will reflect the formation of their personalities at different stages of life. How to use the theme of graduation to write my essay – we suggest learning from our short article.

Why is the graduation essay so important for each of us?

Graduation from school or university is always exciting and unpredictable because there are so many opportunities for their realization ahead. For many, this day is associated with nervousness, but it is more pleasant than annoying. This excitement grips everyone from the morning and does not leave until the end of the day. It is important to try to remember these feelings because they will become the basis for writing in the future. Also, when writing a graduation essay, you should pay attention to the following things:

  1. Don’t write an essay like this at the last minute. Whatever the purpose and deadline for writing a paper, you should not put it off until the last day. Such a paper should show how important graduation day was to you and how you remembered it. If you describe everything in standardized phrases, it will not convey the whole atmosphere of the day and will not explain why you remembered this particular day.
  2. Do not go into detail. Do not recount prom day by the minute – this is not a detailed account of the nestled day. Mention a few of the most important events that happened to you on this day (other than the graduation itself, of course) and why they stuck in your memory. Write these events into the overall emotional picture of the day, but do not give them too much importance – they were not the main thing that day, but the emotions and impressions you experienced.
  3. Put the emphasis on your experiences. Graduation essays should be drenched with your emotions because they remain in the memory after the day. But again, do not try to describe absolutely all of the experiences that you had that day, as it turns your work into a boring diary for the therapist. Try to convey your general mood that day, the emotions of your relatives and friends, the support and love that you felt that day.

If you have the honor to read the graduation speech, try to make it consonant with your inner mood. But here it’s not necessary to dwell only on their lived experience. Try to recall some of the highlights from the life of students, you can only for the past year, and do not forget to talk to your friends about their impressions of the years of study together. Make your speechless formal and more relaxed.

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